How to place an accumulator (acca) bet

If you have ever engaged in online sports betting before, or even spoken with friends about this kind of activity, you will probably have heard the term ‘acca bet’. This is one of the most popular forms of bets placed at online sportsbooks, largely thanks to the potential for enormous returns based on a very small bet. While this might sound awesome, accumulator bets are also some of the riskiest or rather the most unlikely bets to win that you can possibly make.

Overview of accumulator betting

accumulator betting

The simple reason for this is because when you make an accumulator bet, you need to get every single result correct to win anything at all. To add to this, accumulator bets consist of an absolute minimum of two legs (selections) in a bet, and you can actually add as many selections to a bet as you like. Of course, the more legs you add to your accumulator bet, the higher the potential returns will be. But then again, the more risky the bet actually becomes, and the less likely it is that you will win anything at all.

These are the basics of how an accumulator bet works, but there are a few more things that you need to understand about these types of wagers too. We’ve covered all of these details within the sections below.

How to actually place an accumulator bet

When you’ve signed up to an online bookie, whether it is a brand new betting site or an older one, the process of making an accumulator bet remains pretty much exactly the same. When browsing through the available betting markets of an online sportsbook, it is likely that you will find a market (at least somewhere) that looks appealing. By clicking this betting market, it will be automatically added into your bet slip. This is usually shown at the right-hand side of the page, although your chosen betting site might display it differently.

So, once you’ve clicked this market and added it to your bet slip, it’s time to go searching for another one if you want to make an accumulator bet. Therefore, you will simply repeat the process and add another market to your bet slip. This can be done as many times as you like, and this is precisely how an accumulator bet is formed in the first place.

It’s not just the moneyline markets that you can apply these wagers to either, for you can add pretty much the entire range of betting markets into an accumulator bet. For example, one leg of your accumulator might be a moneyline market, but then some of your others might include a both teams to score market, goalscorer market, etc. You can even add markets from multiple sports and combine them into the same bet, which is a strategy that many punters actually put in place.

If you are new to online sports betting, we would encourage you to try out a few markets and do some experimenting!

Understanding the potential returns on accumulator bets

accumulator returns calculation

Here is where we get to the really interesting part of making accumulator bets through your online betting accounts. As you may already know, every single type of betting market will have some odds assigned to it. These odds represent the likelihood that this bet will actually come true, with the lower the odds meaning that it is more likely for a market to materialise. Of course, when making single bets, your potential return is simply the amount staked multiplied by the odds that are assigned to that particular market.

As an example, if you backed Manchester City to win a football game at 1.80 odds and you staked £10, your potential return is £18. However, since accumulator bets actually consist of multiple markets, the odds for each individual leg then get multiplied together to provide an overall potential return. Don’t worry – basically all betting sites, both new and established, will show you this return before you go ahead and place your bet.

To understand exactly how this works, let us show you a really quick example. Say you backed the same Manchester City market at 1.80, yet you then added Real Madrid and Bayern Munich to the same bet with odds of 2.00 and 1.60, respectively. The total return is then 1.80 x 2.00 x 1.60, which would give you a total potential return of 5.76. Obviously, this is much higher than the initial 1.80 odds for Manchester City, but then again, you need every leg of the bet to win in order to gain anything at all.

Good sports to make accumulator bets

It goes without saying that when making accumulator bets, there are certain sports that have proved to be more popular than others. With this in mind, we’d like to show you a few of these sports so that you can get started and make some accumulator bets! Here they are:

  • Football

Not only is football one of the most popular sports to bet on in the world, but it is also a fan favourite when it comes to accumulator bets. With football betting sites, there are always 3 potential outcomes for a game, which is why the odds are generally decent for each kind of market.

  • Tennis

Unlike football, there are only two outcomes in a game of tennis. Either player A will win or player B will win. This makes tennis betting a little easier to predict, to a certain extent, but the odds are also lower than what you’ll find in football, especially for the favourites.

tennis accumulator betting

  • Basketball

Basketball is played all season long, with the NBA being the most prestigious league in the world. There are games to bet on every single week when they are in season, and just like tennis, there are only two possible outcomes to a game. On top of this – the sport is super fun to watch!

Closing note

While accumulator bets are a sure-fire way to gain plenty of excitement with your online betting accounts, never bet more than you can afford to lose, and never assume that anything is a ‘sure bet’!

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