How do free bets work?

If you are somewhat familiar with online betting bonuses, there’s a solid chance that you have stumbled across free bets in the past. If you aren’t all that familiar with online betting sites, or if you are brand new to this world, then this post will really get you excited about what lies in store at the top sites in the UK! Basically, in order to reward new customers or those that already have betting accounts set up, certain sites will hand out free bets as a bit of a thank you for your custom.

How does a free bet work?
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Of course, sports punters love to take advantage of such offers as it gives them a way to place wagers without constantly using their own funds. After all, that is what a ‘free bet’ is by its very nature, and we will be exploring a bunch of different elements surrounding these bonuses throughout this post. If you are feeling excited about the world of online betting bonuses – awesome!

Let’s get started right away by introducing you to the different kinds of free bets you can grab in the UK.

Free bets: the most common kinds

Whether you are a new customer to an online betting site, or whether you already have accounts with any of the brands that operate in the UK, there are plenty of free bets you can claim these days.

Risk-free bet

These forms of free bets are undoubtedly more common for new players, but you can find them for existing customers too. Basically, a risk-free bet is where a site guarantees that you will be refunded up to a certain amount if your wager does not result in a win. For example, if you make a £10 risk-free bet and the site promises to reimburse you by 100% if the bet loses, you will get £10 back as a free bet if your chosen wager doesn’t result in any profit.

Bet £10 receive £10

Free bet offer example

This is different from the risk-free bet we’ve mentioned above, as this kind of bonus requires that you actually make a wager in order to receive your free bets. As you can see, this offer is not subject to the outcome of your qualifying wager whatsoever. Note that the ‘bet £10 receive £10’ headline is just an example. Betting sites can come up with a whole bunch of different incentives here, such as bet £5 receive £20, bet £15 receive £5, etc.

Cashback as a free bet

The final form of free bet that is pretty common with online betting sites is a free bet that results from a particular outcome. Now, this outcome could well be that your bet simply loses, and in this regard, the offer would work in a very similar way to a risk-free bet. However, it is actually more common for you to be offered cashback for a particular scenario.

As a prime example, there are betting sites out there that will offer you a cashback incentive if you’ve bet on football, yet the game ends in a 0-0 draw. While this is just one example, there are countless others, and these cashback offers are not solely reserved for football either. They can be for cricket, tennis, horse racing, and a whole range of other sports.

How to unlock free bets

As nice as it is to see free bets and to understand the various forms, you still need to know how to grab these offers in the first place. For this reason, we’d like to take a moment to explain how this can be done. First and foremost, you need to create a new account at an online betting site before you will get any exposure to free bets. This is fairly standard, and as a new customer, you will be in a position to get some of the largest free bet offers of them all.

If you already have accounts with either one or several betting sites, you will need to check out the bonuses or promotions page to see what is available. Within this section of a site, you will see what kind of free bets you are eligible to claim, and what the terms and conditions are for each of the respective offers.

On the subject of terms and conditions, we have a few additional things for you to take into account.

Important things to consider for free bets

matched free bets

Regardless of the form of free bet you are attempting to claim, there will occasionally be terms and conditions to be aware of to fully understand what is required for the bonus. We’ve identified some of the key elements associated with the terms and conditions right here:

  • Minimum deposit

This is much more common for new customer bonuses than it is for reload offers, and basically, this will stipulate how much you need to deposit in order to qualify for the offer. This is rarely a large amount, and you will typically need to deposit an amount between £5 and £20 to guarantee eligibility.

  • Minimum odds

If you are required to make a wager in order to unlock a free bet, it can sometimes be the case that you must bet on a market that has odds higher than a certain number. For example, a site might stipulate that a qualifying wager needs to be made on a market with odds of at least 2.00, although this won’t be true for all free bets.

  • Wagering restrictions

While this is rare, some free bets will have a set of wagering conditions attached. If so, you will need to wager a specified amount of your own cash before winnings from a free bet can actually be cashed out.

Final thoughts

Free bets are a truly fantastic way for punters like yourself to extract value from a betting site, and since there is no cap on the number of free bets you can claim, we would encourage you to take advantage of as many as you can!

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