Best Live Streaming Betting Sites: Watch and bet at the same time!

Not many people realise that there is a huge advantage in signing up with an online betting site. Apart from placing their bets, an online betting site also gives access to live streams of sports action.

Top 5 bookmakers for live streaming of sports action

  • Bet365
  • William Hill
  • Unibet
  • Coral
  • Ladbrokes

Bet365 – One of the finest betting services

bet365 live streaming

Bet365 is clearly one of the market leaders when it comes to online betting. The brand has been able to attain this position courtesy of a strong portfolio in almost every department. The coverage from Bet365 is renowned as one of the best in the business. At the same time, there are several additional features to go along with this coverage. One of the highlights of Bet365 is the ability to cover more than 100,000 sporting events through its live streaming service every year. The quality of these streams turns out to be quite fantastic and users will be greeted to an ad-free experience of watching sports.

Remember you must have a positive account balance to view the streams, or a bet from the preceding 24 hours.

William Hill – Years of experience in online betting

William Hill is largely referred to as the grandfather in the world of online sports betting. The brand has been around for a long time. This has allowed William Hill to bring together several products under its portfolio with William Hill betting TV – the live streaming service – one among them. The service has an affinity towards covering the Greyhound and horse racing events. Many of the events can be watched for free, but you may also need to come up with a small deposit to watch some of the events. The availability of an event in the live stream coverage will be denoted by a special symbol.

Unibet – Excellent for streaming global sports action

Unibet live streaming

Unibet is one of the top betting sites in Europe. The live streaming coverage from the brand is one of the reasons for this popularity, as punters get access to more than 40,000 events every year. As a result of the continental outlook from Unibet, this is a preferred choice for punters who want to experience more of European sports content than being heavily focused on UK sports. The coverage from Unibet is not focused only on European leagues in football. It even extends to events like darts and snooker.

Coral – A huge quantity of weekly events

Coral is a platform that has a huge amount of repetition and goodwill in the industry. The punters who sign up with Coral get to enjoy a decent amount of signup offers, the existing promos, and more. However, there is also a very good reason to consider Coral, as the live streaming service offered is of the highest order in terms of quantity of coverage and quality of streams. The quantity of live stream available to a punter is relatively high every week. Over the year, one can expect to come across

Ladbrokes – A colossus for streaming content

Ladbrokes is once again a platform that enjoys a lot of favour amongst experienced and new punters alike. The brand has been able to gain this reputation over several years. The streaming service provided by Ladbrokes is no different compared to other betting sites in this list. It manages to cover around 2000 events on a weekly basis. Most of the streams can be accessed without any charge as long as the punter has a positive account balance. In some instances, though, users will have to come up with a minimum bet of £1. The ability to stream from mobile devices is a bonus for Ladbrokes users.

How to pick a great betting site for live streams

Even though there are several hundred bookmakers available today, a punter has to go with the best betting site if they are to get good live streams along with a positive betting experience. Some of the parameters that play a major role in deciding if a betting site should go into the shortlist are:

Availability of excellent sports coverage

The betting site should be able to offer exceptional sports coverage in order to stand up against the competition. No longer are punters satisfied with the coverage of a handful of sports, which have universal popularity. Instead, it is now essential for bookmakers to cover niche sports. Ultimately, the sports coverage in the betting section will translate into meaningful coverage in the live stream section. A bookmaker who struggles to cover a variety of sports will not be able to offer coverage in live stream section as well.

Quantity of sports streaming options

bookmaker streaming sites

This is an important parameter to rank the top live streaming betting sites. Just like focusing on the sports coverage when trying to rank betting sites, the objective is to look for sites that have widespread coverage of live streams. Some bookmakers tend to focus on certain sports like football, tennis, and horse racing. Of course, these are immensely popular but they kind of rob the punter of opportunities.

Quality of stream

The important thing to remember in any live stream service is the delay that one has to live with. Even though these are technically live streams, there is a delay of around 20 to 30 seconds. This is due to technical limitations. One has to pick a bookmaker who is able to offer the least amount of delay possible. For those who are still worried about the delay, the option of using notifications can come in handy.

Excellent range of promotions

The punter who opens an account with a betting site is stepping into the unknown regarding the platform. However, they can experience the site without too much risk thanks to the availability of bonuses and promotions. There should be a decent level of focus from the punters on these offers so that they get excellent value – at least in the initial few bets. Specifically for those who want to use the live streaming service, it is important to watch out for bookmakers will provide special offers on in-play betting, which is a segment that goes well with the live stream service.


The interface can be a crucial factor in determining the type of experience that a punter can get from the betting site. The decision to include as many sports as possible can sometimes make the betting site look very complicated. At the same time, there are also bookmakers who have been able to include options without any hitch. If the interface is quite confusing, there is lost opportunity in betting or watching live streams. Since time is of the essence when trying to place live bets, a greater concentration has to be applied in choosing sites with a good interface.

How to open an account and place bets online

The betting sites come with the added advantage of supporting live streams. However, the primary reason behind choosing a betting site would be to access the markets provided on various sports. After having chosen a bookmaker, punters need to stick with some basic steps to create an account. They are:

  1. Opening the homepage of the bookmaker
  2. Look for the ‘Join,’ ‘sign up,’ or ‘register now’ icons
  3. Click on the same to open the registration page
  4. Input the necessary details asked on the registration page
  5. This will be a series of personal and financial data
  6. Since the page is encrypted and secure, users need not fear about sharing these details
  7. Complete the registration by agreeing to the terms and conditions

Once the registration is complete, users can begin the next phase of being able to use the platform. This begins by placing a deposit into the account. If the main purpose of registration is to take advantage of the live stream coverage, users are usually required to place funds 24 hours before the start of the event.

FAQs about best betting sites for live streaming

live sports streaming on bookmaker sites

Can users stream sports without gambling on the event?

This depends completely on the betting site. Some only require a positive fund balance to watch live streams from their platform while some require a valid bet to be placed on the event. Most new betting sites don't have live streaming, but some do nevertheless. Such as Genting Bet or Fansbet for example.

Is it legal to watch live streams on the betting sites?

Yes, the user is allowed to watch the live streams on betting sites as long it is only for personal consumption. Technically, it is not legal to watch on these platforms. There is also some grey area on this matter.

What is the reason for betting sites to provide live streams?

The availability of live streams is an incentive for punters to wager live bets on the specific event, as they are no longer out of sync with the developments. The live streams also serve as a tool to attract punters to use the platform.

Can users decide on the quality of streams?

The quality of streams has improved a lot in recent years. Some bookmakers do provide the option of setting the quality of streams, but users have to consume the streams without many changes for most the part.

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