Best DFS Sites: Draftkings, Fanduel and other competitors

Looking for the best DFS sites to play fantasy sports? Here's our favourite selection.

Top 5 bookmakers for DFS betting opportunities

  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • StatHero
  • PrizePicks
  • Yahoo DFS

DraftKings – Receive a Royal Treatment

Draftkings daily fantasy sports

DraftKings is a site that can provide a royal treatment to players. It is one of the leaders when it comes to daily fantasy sports, while the brand also has a footprint in other segments like a casino and sportsbook. A punter will get the option of amazing bonuses, good freerolls, and enormous prize pools. Another reason to consider DraftKings would be the mobile app, which leads the competition in terms of interface and functionality. The large variety of contests makes DraftKings a no-brainer for someone who is looking for a safe DFS betting option. There are also rewards for regular players, which can be picked up through several means.

FanDuel – Among the best in the business

Fanduel DFS site

FanDuel started out with the fantasy sports betting options that have made this brand a household name in the United States. Now, it has ability to spread its reach to other segments while still retaining the appeal in the daily fantasy sports segment. A player will be able to fight for a massive payday with the large line-up of contests. It does not take a lot of time to get started with FanDuel, which offers an excellent mobile experience for players. The software and interface are two major reasons to consider FanDuel over other platforms.

StatHero – Excellent choice for amazing DFS action

stat hero DFS

The blend provided by StatHero can only be described as excellent, as users will be able to experience pool strategies and lineup building in the same platform. StatHero offers player pools that last for nine days or less. This results in new joining opportunities for players when they sign up on the platform. StatHero has a mobile app that works out extremely well irrespective of the two major platforms – Apple and Android. StatHero has been around a long enough time to understand the pulse of punters and offer a good number of betting options in the world of DFS.

PrizePicks – Perfect platform for props

PrizePicks logo

PrizePicks is an excellent choice when props are the flavour of the season. Rather than going with traditional options like touchdowns and yards for creating lines, PrizePicks goes with fantasy points. Since there is just one game tape available, punters will be able to avoid a lot of the confusion that is commonly associated with other platforms. The contests played by the brand happen to be quite simple and fast. Thus, PrizePicks can be a great choice for someone who cannot spend a lot of time in creating lineups.

Yahoo DFS – A legendary name in the world of DFS

yahoo fantasy site

Yahoo is a favourite among players who prefer season long games. However, Yahoo has just enhanced its appeal to the segment by coming out with a product, which manages to provide contests in popular US sports like MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL. The availability of many options like 50/50s, prize pools, and head-to-head options do make it conducive for players with different requirements. A lot of time in this category has also allowed Yahoo to transform the interface into an efficient machine, which can easily switch between the season long and contests.

Key competitions and events where DFS betting is excellent

One of the major advantages of DFS betting is the ability to play in a number of ways. The punter can always aim for a spot in the guaranteed prize pool by focusing on the top. They can also go for a consistent return by going for smaller contests. This flexibility is unlike any other form of betting. Some of the popular choices that a punter could have when deciding to go down the route of DFS contests would be:

GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) – These are tournaments which are capable of providing the big wins. At the same time, the punter will have to compete alongside a larger pool of players and this reduces the probability of success.

Multipliers – The multiplier is a contest where the payout is determined by the entry fee and it will be in the multiples of a denominator like 2x or 3x if a player manages to win.

Leagues – This is almost similar to the GPP in terms of concept. The top teams end up sharing the cash while the rest of the pack will be moving on to the next day.

Beat the Score – A benchmark is set as part of this contest. Those who entered into the contest will have to be this benchmark. Any winner will have a predefined amount of money in their account.

50/50s and DoubleUps – The top half of the players who enter into this contest will be able to get a return. This is one of the options for consistent returns in the world of daily fantasy sports betting. One of the difficulties when it comes to success in this form of the contest is the ability to continue building successful lineups on a regular basis.

How to choose a site for DFS betting options?

DFS sites to choose from

The world of DFS betting sites has to be analysed in a different way compared to an online casino or a regular sportsbook. Some of the popular parameters used by reviewers are:

Gaming options

This is easily the crucial item on the checklist. Even though there are many sites available for punters, a good DFS betting site will be able to offer a range of sports under one roof. Not every punter has an identical style when it comes to placing funds. Therefore, a punter should be given the freedom of choosing the sport that suits their style. The major sports that can be listed on a site will include the likes of baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, NASCAR, and golf. This is quite a comprehensive list that manages to cover all segments.

Apart from the coverage of games, one has to be that a DFS game will be set up in a tournament style. There are different styles that end up providing options like head-to-head battle, micro tournaments, massive tournaments, satellite tournaments, and double up tournaments. The availability of more types of events will end up being attractive for different types of bettors.


The overlays are a condition when a betting site comes up with an event guarantee irrespective of the entrants. While this can result in substantial losses for the site, the intense competition in the industry does not result in companies pushing themselves to the maximum. The overlays are an excellent for marketing purposes. The value of an event with an overlay is substantially huge. In order to understand the situation better, let us consider an example where a tournament with a $10,000 guarantee costs $20 to enter. If the site does not get the $10,000 in entrance fees, they still have to pay out. One has to exercise a decent amount of caution when deciding on a betting site with overlays, as it is very easy for sites to go shoot their limits and they may not be able to meet the shortfall.


The ability to change the team within a short period of time is one of the important requirements for a daily fantasy sports betting. For this purpose, the interface has to be stable and claim. It should not take a lot of time to make the changes, which can end up making or breaking the bet. Many sites also provide a mobile app that can be used to access the platform. Apart from focusing on the desktop interface, punters also need to have an eye on the mobile interface which can come in handy when stuck in a spot.

Common questions and answers that people have about DFS betting

best daily fantasy sites

How does the world of fantasy betting function?

The fantasy sports betting segment is all about creating a team of professional athletes who would then earn points based on their performance in the real-time contests.

How does daily fantasy sports betting work?

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) is all about contests that last only for one day or one game. This is different from the season long leagues from the fantasy sports began.

Is it legal to bet on fantasy sports?

The legality of daily fantasy sports depends on the location of the user. It is legal in parts of the world like the United States. However, there are some states in the USA where it is illegal and bookmakers do not provide this product in such states.

Can members place bets using mobile or tablet devices?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to place bets using a mobile device. In fact, many bookmakers do provide the option of mobile betting with great interest.

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